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Engineer-to-entrepreneurship incentives

Engineer-to-entrepreneurship incentives

TOEC has started Engineer-to- Entrepreneurship Incentives since 2012. It encourages engineers to innovate and establish startups by providing initial funding, equity-based incentives. The startups shared TOEC market, R&D, production and testing. 3 technology companies were established and all reached RMB 30 million sales revenue in 2016. TOEC Security, one of the 3 start-ups was listed on the New Third Board in 2017.


TOEC Industrial Park was ranked as International Science and Technology Cooperation Base in 2015, located at No. 335, Jinjiang Road, Binhai New Area, Tianjin.

The Park focuses on the Internet of things, 5G, big data, wireless communication, information security, medical electronics, smart hardware, etc.

Companies housed in the Park can enjoy the favorable policies of the Park, Marine Science and Technology Park, Binhai Hi-tech Zone, Binhai New Area, National Innovation Demonstration Zone as well as Tianjin.



    The Park focuses on next generation of communication network and internet of things by means of international cooperation, university collaboration, based on TOEC advantages on industrial chain, technology, funds, market and brand.

    1、International technology cooperation

    The Park attracts international companies in electronic information as an industry investor and to form electronic information industry cluster.

    2、Scientific research and technology commercialization

    The Park has built a system of R&D, scientific research and technology commercialization, pilot production, mass production and services for collaboration of universities and research institutes.As the same time, the Park works with some famous funds to invest the stand-ups. Public research and development platform is to be set up.