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Tianjin TV covers the history of first Chinese Fax Machine made by TOEC

       The reporters of Tianjin TV came to TOEC and found out the history of Chinese first Fax Machine and the development of the TOEC.
  The retired chief engineer Feng Zhike was interview. He recalled the development and production of the first Chinese Fax Machine then in 1950s.The first fax machine was the model of the later development of pictures and words faxing machines. TOEC was the first inventor and producer.
  Zhang Junhui, the CEO of TOEC Group, gave a detailed development of the fax machines from 1990s. In 2005, the wireless fax machine under the brand TOEC entered into the European Market, which was the first fax machine producer exported to the foreign market.
  Today, TOEC is one of the biggest fax machine makers with the capacity of 300,000 pcs per year. Besides the fax machines, TOEC has been a major player in security, wireless communication and electrical components.
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